In recognition of the growing importance of academic communities of practice, ANZAM welcomes the establishment of Special Interest Groups (SIGS) which advance the interests of ANZAM and provide a focus for scholarly activity that extends or complements that of current ANZAM conference tracks and/or doctoral activities.  SIGS should include academics who span the regional community of scholars in the field.

SIGS should organize at least one event a year, either as part of the ANZAM Conference/Doctoral Workshop or as a stand-alone event that does not conflict with the timing or objectives of the annual ANZAM Conference or other ANZAM activities.  SIGS may promote their events through the ANZAM website, Updates and Newsletters.  Any ANZAM-sponsored SIG events must be approved by the ANZAM Executive before such promotions.  Within three months of any ANZAM-sponsored SIG event, an ANZAM Newsletter item describing the event/s should be submitted for distribution to the wider ANZAM membership.

If a group wants to be considered for SIG status within ANZAM, it will need first to:

  • Establish that there is no substantial overlap between the proposed SIG and any SIGS already established within ANZAM.
  • Demonstrate evidence of sufficient existing interest among potential membership for the Group e.g., through evidence of attendance at past ANZAM pre-Conference workshops, other workshops/events, active email lists or blogs;
  • Submit a short application to the ANZAM Board (Application Form available in PDF Form or as a WORD Document).

The ANZAM Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Policies & Procedures document provides more information about the application and funding processes.  The ANZAM Board is very keen to establish further SIGS and to extend ANZAM’s support for its members beyond the traditional conference forum.

Existing SIGS are: