BAM Grant Schemes 2021

Deadline: The British Academy of Management (BAM) together with the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM), Irish Academy of Management (IAM) and Società Italiana di Management (SIMA) are pleased to announce the launch of the 2021 grant schemes. These schemes are part of BAM’s mission to build a thriving, pluralistic research community by supporting relevant, ethical and innovative… Continue Reading.

Critical Issues Facing Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) and the Asian Diasporas


The study and discussion of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) in thecontext of the West is uniquely complex. AAPI are held up as “model minorities,”resulting in exclusion from many equity conversations. Additionally, AAPI are often usedas a monolithic categorization to illustrate diversity in many organizations andinstitutions (e.g., higher education) masking underrepresented and underservedcommunities—including communities within AAPI like Hmong, Burmese,… Continue Reading.

Knowledge Management Research and Practice – Special Issue: Thrive in Future of Work through Managing Innovative Knowledge


We welcome submissions that address broad areas of knowledge management, innovation, future of work, meaningful careers, thriving, and human growth. Authors are also encouraged to examine these areas in disadvantaged and diversity groups. Papers that draw on interdisciplinary insights and methodology from management, psychology, social policy, economics, education, and other disciplines are particularly welcome.  

SEAANZ 2021 Online Symposium – 25th October 2021


Conference Theme:  SMEs and COVID-19: Just Surviving or Thriving? Sorting Rhetoric from the Realities of COVID-19 for SMEs Post-COVID, SMEs’ survival and revitalisation will be key to rebuilding economies across the globe. To achieve this, the rhetoric and realities of COVID-19 and SMEs must be critically examined.

Journal of Management & Organization – Special Issue: The role of new ICT-based systems in modern management


Special attention will be given to findings and results with practical applications in terms of technological innovation, sustainable development, the Internet of things, data and network management, ICT, and mobile services. Contributions to the special issue are strongly encouraged to contribute towards both theory and practice development. Submissions with a strong connection between theory and practice are particularly welcomed.