International Journal of Human Resource Management – Special Issue: Human Resource Management in Times of Crisis


In view of the significant consequences that crises have for human resource management, researchers have begun to look at the HR practices adopted by organizations in times of crisis (Chu and Siu, 2001; Gunnigle et al., 2013; Kim et al., 2013; Sparrow et al., 2013; Teague and Roche, 2014; Zagelmeyer et al., 2012). However, we have witnessed limited research on… Continue Reading.

International Journal of Human Resource Management – Special Issue: New HRM models for supporting managing emotional labour during emergencies


The objective of this special issue is to examine the role of HRM in supporting emergency workers’ wellbeing whilst they deliver essential services. There is growing evidence amongst HRM scholars that HRM has failed to act as the employee’s champion, especially for emergency workers who are constantly juggling the increasing demand for their services, organisational deadlines, and the high levels… Continue Reading.

Information Systems Journal – Special Issue: Causes, Symptoms and Consequences of Social Media Induced Polarization (SMIP)


This special issue seeks to address the conceptualization and issues surrounding SMIP.  The overarching objective of this special issue is to present exemplary research that focusses on the development of new theories and artifacts for the measurement of polarization, as well as helping us achieve a better understanding of its drivers and consequences.

International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management – Special Issue: Supply Chain Management in an Era of Reglobalization


Topics include, but are not limited to: Impacts of technological advancement and alternative logistical infrastructures on SC re-configuration and network re-design Impact of evolving business models and trade policies on SC decisions in the era of reglobalization Role of technology and logistical infrastructures in redistributing wealth and rebalancing labor concentration across SCs Role of technology in facilitating SC finance, contracts,… Continue Reading.

Call for Unpublished Work – Anonymous Job Application Procedure Interventions

Our research team (Dr Melissa Wheeler, Dr Victor Sojo and PhD Candidate Melanie McGrath) is currently conducting a systematic review of anonymous job application procedure interventions.   We have conducted a comprehensive search of the published literature and are now seeking unpublished works on this topic. We are looking for unpublished empirical research (e.g., in-press and conference papers, dissertations, master theses,… Continue Reading.

Journal of Organizational Behavior – Special Issue:  Work Passion Research: Taming Breadth and Promoting Depth


Deadline for Submissions:  15 December 2020 We invite you to contribute to the upcoming Special Issue on “Work Passion Research: Taming Breadth and Promoting Depth” at the Journal of Organizational Behavior.  With this special issue, we aim to refine and reconcile existing theoretical frameworks on work passion, explore the causes, consequences, and boundary conditions around work passion, and differentiate work… Continue Reading.