Institutional Membership is available to organisations with an interest in furthering the objectives of the Academy. They can be:

  • Departments, centres, faculties, schools and institutes of universities and colleges or section thereof which are geographically separate
  • Associations or companies or divisions thereof
  • Government departments, authorities or instrumentalities

Each Institutional Member may nominate one representative to attend Institutional Meeting and one to be the contact person for the receipt of ANZAM membership information and publications.

Benefits of Institutional Membership

Other benefits include:

  • ANZAM Newsletter providing information on members’ management research, teaching and staff at management schools in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Notifications from ANZAM on management conferences, calls for papers, relevant events and even academic opportunities through ANZAM’s email distribution network and website.
  • Access to ANZAM’s complimentary email broadcast service (to all ANZAM members and institutions), and use of the ANZAM website, for promotion of relevant and non-commercial news and announcements.

(Please note:  Institutional Membership does not bestow individual Member rights on that institution’s staff.)

Institutional Members Meetings provide opportunities for Institutional Member Representatives to:

  • Raise issues of concern, to identify emerging trends and to highlight matters of significance to both the management profession and to business and management tertiary education and research community.
  • Input, discuss and disseminate on the structure, content and quality of management academic programs in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.
  • Input, discuss and disseminate information on mechanisms for funding management research in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Input, discuss and disseminate information relating to the recruitment, training, and development of academics in management and related fields.
  • Promote community and cooperation among academic, private and public entities mutually concerned with the discipline of management.
  • Promote interdisciplinary, cross institutional, and international cooperation in management teaching, research and other relevant activities.
  • Consider whether member institutions and/or ANZAM might act in a lobbying capacity over areas of interest and/or concern, and to consider the means through which such activity might best proceed.

Please contact the Academy Office  if your institution is interested in this level of membership.