ANZAM’S Research goals are:

  • To enhance and recognise the research capabilities of the membership
  • To work with the JMO Editor and Editorial Board to improve relevance, quality and effectiveness of JMO

The key initiatives supporting these goals are:

  • Co-sponsoring BARDsNET, which continues to play a key role in providing input into the ERA journal ranking process through consultations with ANZAM institutional members.
  • Collaborating with the JMO Editor and Editorial Board to enhance the reputation of JMO and value to ANZAM.
  • Developing policy, obtaining sponsorship and overseeing selection processes for awards recognising outstanding research contributions of ANZAM members. 
  • Facilitating the development of research skills, collaboration, and the free exchange of ideas through:
    • an annual Doctoral consortium focused on developing the research skills of emerging scholars;
    • sessions on the craft of scholarly research and specific research techniques via the annual Conference and online seminars;
    • research-focused networking sessions to encourage research collaborations between ANZAM members.