Fellows were formerly known as Distinguished Members, an honorary title bestowed by the ANZAM Board. Those Distinguished Members were:
Since 2011, ANZAM Fellow Membership acknowledges excellence in management research, scholarship, education, and/or leadership.   The ANZAM Fellow designation indicates the holder is recognized by the Board of Directors of the Academy and the wider membership to have made an outstanding contribution in the areas mentioned, and has demonstrated a significant impact on the community of scholars in the field and within ANZAM.
Professional Members can be nominated as a Fellow by another ANZAM Member of Professional level or higher.  Self-nominations will also be accepted, but all nominations will be assessed according to the criteria outlined below. Nominations (or applications) must be a maximum of 5 pages with appendices containing evidence for statements in the nomination of no more than 10 pages.
These nominations must be lodged with the ANZAM Academy Office at least 6 weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting for formal ratification at this meeting.
Fellows are entitled to use the nomenclature “ANZAM Fellow” or “ANZAMF” (Fellow of the Australian & New Zealand Academy of Management).

Guidelines for Approval of ANZAM Fellow Nominations

The Membership Sub-committee of the ANZAM Board will consider all nominations for Fellows and make recommendations to the full ANZAM Board. Nominees must have been Professional members of ANZAM for at least five (5) years and their applications will be considered against the criteria listed below. Nominations must demonstrate exceptional performance in one or more of the six criteria. The Membership Committee will be prepared to weigh truly outstanding contributions in one particular area against more limited involvement in others.

1.    A significant research contribution to the management discipline as evidenced by books, refereed papers in major journals, awards for research, the practical use of research findings by the management profession. Particular attention will be paid to the following aspects:

  • Evidence of research quality through citation analysis
  • Honorary awards
  • Recognition from the practitioner community
  • Editorship of journals, Conference organisation (relevant to the broad management discipline)
  • International reputation in a certain area
  • Prestigious fellowships or visiting lectureships
  • Successful research grant awards
  • Prize winning publications
  • Influential reports to government

2.    A significant contribution to management education. This educational contribution would be evidenced by such things as teaching awards, the successful use of innovative teaching methods and the writing of case studies and management texts and the mentoring of PhD students.

3.    A significant contribution to management practice through senior leadership positions in public or private sector organisations over a period of at least ten years.

4.    A significant and successful leadership role in the management school or department of a university in the Australia and New Zealand region. This leadership role would be evidenced by the length of time that the leadership role had been undertaken, the standing of graduates in academic and/or professional roles, the successes of staff members with respect to research and teaching, career placement of graduates from programs under the nominee’s responsibility.

5.    A significant leadership role in the management discipline as evidenced by the taking of leadership positions in the academies and practitioner organisations, with evidence of significant individual contribution which has led to changes and advancement in these organisations. Another form of leadership would be playing a significant role in organizing the Academy’s annual conference.

6.    A significant advocacy role for the management discipline through widely recognised contributions to government panels and/or taskforces, high-level industry panels of inquiry, Senate inquiries, or similar.


ANZAM Membership Fees for 2020