The recent explosion of interest in the role of emotions at work has led to the claim that an “affective revolution” is under way in organisational behaviour.  In support to that claim, the success of EMONET (Emotions Network), APSEW (Asia-Pacific Symposium on Emotions in Worklife) and the MOC (Managerial and Organizational Cognition) Division of the Academy of Management attests to the vivid and continuing interest in the study of emotion and cognition in organisational settings.

In response to that interest, it is our pleasure to introduce the ANZAM Emotion and Cognition Special Interest Group (EAC SIG).

The EAC SIG is dedicated to providing researchers interested in emotion and cognition with a suitable platform for reflection, interaction and collaboration.  Specifically, the EAC SIG provides a focus for the study of how organisation members model and experience reality and how such models and experiences interact with behaviours, and ultimately influence social, managerial and organisational dynamics.

Examples of discussion topics appropriate for future workshops and other events organised by the EAC SIG may include:  the role of cognitive processes in emotion elicitation, regulation, and expression; the impact of emotion on attention, memory, learning, motivation, judgements, and decision making – and their respective relation to leadership effectiveness, emotional intelligence, occupational health and well-being, trust, team building and effectiveness, workplace bullying, and many more!

The objectives of the ANZAM Emotion and Cognition SIG are:

  • To provide an interactive and collaborative platform for experienced management scholars and doctoral students who have a specific interest in emotion and cognition research and its implications for organisational settings.
  • To add value to ANZAM membership by expanding research agendas and providing opportunities for innovative management studies via the facilitation of interactions across domains, research methods and philosophical traditions.
  • To extend current ANZAM membership by attracting new members that have demonstrated an interest in emotion and cognition research drawing from EMONET (Emotions Network), APSEW (Asia-Pacific Symposium on Emotions in Worklife) and internationally from the MOC (Managerial and Organizational Cognition) Division of the Academy of Management.

The EAC SIG takes over sponsorship of the APSEW series of conferences and will also sponsor workshops to be conducted as a part of the ANZAM Annual Conference program.  Details of upcoming events will be posted as they become available.


Professor Neal Ashkanasy
UQ Business School
The University of Queensland

Associate Professor Herman Tse
Department of Management
Monash University

ANZAM Emotions & Cognition SIG Report (Nov, 2021)

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