Healthcare is one of the largest employers in Australia and is constantly subject to political influences and media scrutiny whilst facing many challenges, such as balancing tensions between the practice of health and the business of health. This provides a rich basis for the development of a research agenda on health management and organisation, including multi-disciplines. The original idea of forming a Health Management and Organisation SIG (HMO) was raised by Professor Anneke Fitzgerald at the Auckland Conference in 2008 in an informal discussion with Professors Amrik Sohal and Ross Chapman with Professor Liz Fulop also present. Subsequently, Professor Fulop, through the Society of Health Administrative Programs in Education (SHAPE), established the Health Management Research Alliance (HMRA) in 2009, which is currently hosted by Griffith University until the end of 2011. Until now, Health Management and Organisation scholars generally submitted their work to the ANZAM conference in different tracks, eg Leadership and Governance, Human Resource Management & Development, Public Service and Not-for-Profit track, Management Education and Development, Organisational Behaviour, Critical Management Studies, Organisational Change, Sustainability and Social Issues in Management. The pooling of health management and organisation scholars into a SIG seemed logical, and follows the establishment of a health care management SIG at the British Academy of Management as well as the existing Division of Health Care Management at the Academy of Management in the USA. The objectives of the ANZAM HMO SIG are:

  • To provide a focus on health management and organisation research, recognising and enhancing research capabilities of ANZAM membership in this field and act as a forum for sharing research ideas with experienced researchers and doctoral candidates.
  • To add value to ANZAM membership by creating a wide network of experts that brings together general management scholars with an interest in researching health service delivery and promote the development and expansion of research agendas, using an innovative range of mixed methods and interdisciplinary perspectives.
  • To extend ANZAM membership by attracting and establishing critical mass of researchers in health management and organisation, drawing from SHAPE, HMRA and internationally from SHOC, Academy of Management (AOM), British Academy of Management (BAM), and other learned societies.
  • To work with the JMO editor to increase dissemination of research by developing relevant, high quality publications in the field of Health Management and Organisation, further enhancing the reputation of JMO.

These objectives will be met by:

  • One ‘themed’ workshop per annum, based on the submission of members’ ideas, focusing on a topic of interest to a significant number of members, exploring research questions, methods, findings, and implications for practice and policy.
  • One workshop per annum, with guest speakers combined with opportunities for networking.
  • Initiating a discussion about the development of a Conference track for Health Management and Organisation in the future.


Dr Ann Dadich
School of Business
Western Sydney University

Dr Ben Farr-Wharton
UTS Business School