Upcoming Events – 2019

  • Mixed Methods Workshop
    University of Newcastle
    1-2 August 2019
  • Mixed Methods and FSQCA Workshop
    University of Wollongong
    13 September 2019

For more information, contact Associate Professor Cameron (see below).

The objective of the Mixed Methods Research SIG is to facilitate discussion and dissemination of the latest theoretical, practical and methodological thinking, issues and frameworks associated with this emerging methodological movement as it pertains to business and management research.  The SIG will aim to build capacity and foster collaborations for high quality mixed methods research and form a community of practice across business and management disciplines of those interested in/utilising mixed methods.

Higher degree research students, early career researchers, and established researchers will be encouraged to engage in the SIG. The SIG will also build capacity for those ANZAM members who may have the following roles: journal or conference editors/reviewers, HDR supervisors, teaching research methods, and PhD thesis or professional doctorate portfolio examination.  It is anticipated that the SIG will conduct master classes in aspects of mixed methods research and begin to form networks with similar SIGs internationally.


Professor Roslyn Cameron
Human Resources Management
Australian Institute of Business
Email:  ros.cameron@aib.edu.au

Associate Professor Bob Cavana
School of Management
Victoria University of Wellington
Email:  bob.cavana@vuw.ac.nz

Dr Matt Xerri
Griffith Business School
Griffith University
Email:  m.xerri@griffith.edu.au

Dr Farveh Farivar
Tasmanian School of Business and Economics
University of Tasmania
Email:  Farveh.farivar@utas.edu.au