Business Schools and Schools of Management around Australia and New Zealand choose to be ANZAM Institutional Members because of the value that ANZAM provides to the Schools, your academic staff and PhD students. We offer a range of activities, events and awards that we cannot support purely on the basis of the personal memberships/Conference fees paid by you and your staff. We rely on our Institutional Members to continue to fund activities such as the activities detailed below. They are not presented in any special order, and we recognize that different Institutional Members will value these benefits differently.

Institutional Members (IM) Meetings

Meetings are held twice a year, usually in June and December. Leading experts address members and provide a forum for the discussion of issues relating to development of the Management discipline. We welcome ideas regarding speakers we can invite for your benefit.

Heads of School of Management (HOSOM) Network

Your Head of School can attend the forums held by this group and network with other Heads to discuss key issues related to the management of Management Schools/departments. Running since 2010, the HOSOM Network has proved an excellent forum for Heads.

Early Career Academics (ECAs)

You may have existing support programs within your institution which we augment with:

  • An ECA event in conjunction with our annual conference
  • An award for the Best Early Career Researcher, announced at the annual conference

Support for PhD Candidates

Two Doctoral candidate representatives work with our Board to support your students. ANZAM runs a successful Doctoral Workshop at each ANZAM Conference. These Doctoral events are provided at an affordable cost to ANZAM Associate members and some funding is received by the sponsoring institution jointly with ANZAM. Each year we award a prize for the Best Doctoral Dissertation, recognising the importance of our Doctoral candidates.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

ANZAM sponsors the formation of SIGs which may have significant benefit to you and are funded in the start-up phase. All SIGs have activities across Australia which includes the Operations SIG annual Symposium in June. The current SIGs are:

  • Emotions and Cognition
  • Health Management and Organisation
  • Indigenous Issues
  • Mixed Methods Research
  • Operations, Supply Chain & Services Management

Teaching and Learning Development

Institutional Members’ fees support teaching and learning awards and grants promoted by our Education Committee including:

  • ANZAM PELT (Promoting Excellence in Learning and Teaching) Grants for projects that ‘aid the development of the teaching of Management in Australia and New Zealand’. Your staff can receive funding of up to $5,000 for projects that will be supportive of Management Education at your own and other universities.
  • An annual ANZAM Case Writing Competition to encourage the development of excellent teaching materials within a regional context  (available online to members).
  • Our major Teaching and Learning award – the ANZAM Innovative Management Educator of the Year.

Journal of Management & Organization

We believe that a journal that presents research from the context of issues in our region is an important part of our Academy. In the long-term we want this journal to be self-sustaining. In the immediate future we do need to fund its development. Currently it has a 2020 Impact Factor of 4.139. Your staff may find JMO an appropriate outlet for their research; equally its focus on context and the local influence of its international editorial board enhance the relevance of the research articles it contains.

ANZAM Conference

Considerable resources go into overviewing and supporting the annual Conference. The ANZAM Board is working to maintain the ANZAM annual conference as a major regional conference. Our inclusion of “Interactive Papers” supports research publications under development. Our many workshops and symposia provide a focus on issues of real relevance and support career development.

Research and Analysis

In 2017/18 ANZAM spent $10,000 on its latest Research Productivity Survey. This provides solid research evidence for the state of research output by academic staff across Australian universities and should also benefit our New Zealand members.

ANZAM aims to undertake evidence-based research to support the sector. In 2016, ANZAM commissioned the Research Productivity Survey.  map and analyse research output by academic staff across Australian & New Zealand universities, benefiting ANZAM members.

BAM/Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Collaborative Research Award. The scheme gives priority for the development of members of the British Academy of Management and the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) who are at an early stage in their careers, defined by being less than 5 years after completing their PhD at the date of closing of applications.

ANZAM’s Board

ANZAM’s Board has representatives spread across Australia and New Zealand.  To view the current Board structure, visit ANZAM’s website / About / Board of Directors.

Your membership also ensures the continuation of the only organisation for Management educators in the Australian and New Zealand region.

We believe this is a substantial “value proposition” and trust that you will become (or remain) an Institutional member of ANZAM.

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