ANZAM Associate PD Session 8/11/22

“Grounded approaches to creating and demonstrating (PhD) research impact – Impact Mapping in theory and practice” The Yunus Centre is committed to accelerating transitions to regenerative and distributive futures through systems innovation. We have a laser-like focus on working in ways and on projects that we believe will create positive impacts in the direction of […]

ANZAM PD Session 27/10/22 – To be or not to be social: Social media for academics

To be or not to be social: Social media for academics is an online, interactive workshop that delves into the use of social media, specifically, LinkedIn and Twitter, for personal, professional academic staff brand building. At the conclusion of the course, participants will have developed an understanding on how to leverage social media for personal […]

ANZAM PD Session 24/10/22 – SDGs

SDGs: Key arguments and controversies half way down the track The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the international community in September 2015 with the universal agreement of 193 member states. This agreement was based on a long multi-stakeholder consultation process and a holistic approach to social, economic, and environmental challenges.  We […]

ANZAM Associate PD Session 20/10/22

SESSION 9 – “Managing your career in uncertain times” Taking control of your career is essential for sustained career success, particularly in an uncertain job market. This webinar will help you develop strategies to feel better equipped to deal with the challenges that arise – and approach your future career with confidence. Deanne Camplejohn, HDR […]

ANZAM PD Session – 13/10/22

The Art of Academic Writing and Publishing for English as Second Language (ESL) Researchers. Academic performance is judged in part on one’s level of linguistic competence in English. As a consequence, scholars who wish to succeed on the academic market must be able to write in English not only fluently but also eloquently. This places […]

ANZAM Spill the Beans Episode 2 – Sept.2022

In this episode, Dr Hafsa Ahmed speaks with Emeritus Professor Anneke Fitzgerald and Greg Cronan about how they have collaborated towards enabling intergenerational practice. Refer to Australian Institute for Intergenerational Practice for more details ( WATCH THE RECORDING HERE