ANZAM Professional Development Calendar at 5th April 2024

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ANZAM PD Calendar 2024 at 5th April 2024 – including registration links

The following sessions are currently OPEN for registration:

10th April 2024“Generating impactful research through problematization: Strategies, techniques and illustrations”

Commencing 1pm AEDT – running for 90mins


Emeritus Professor Jorgen Sandberg, University of Queensland

Aim and background: Key for social scientists is to have something to say not only to academics but also to a broader audience, such as students, practitioners, and educated public. This requires an understanding of how to generate knowledge that are experienced as interesting and relevant in terms of new ideas and other forms of intellectual insights.  However, most contemporary research tends to adhere to standardized methods and formulas, leading mainly to marginal contributions instead of more influential and ground-breaking research.  The aim of this workshop is to discuss and exemplify how academics can generate more interesting and impactful research through problematization. In other words, to be able to have something to say both academically and practically. The workshop consists of one ‘seminar’ and one ‘practice’ component: The seminar component will provide an overview of the (sad) state of management studies and outline a problematization methodology for generating more impactful research. In the practice component participants will apply the problematization methodology on actual research texts, as a way to generate more interesting and impactful research.

18th April 2024“Experiencing the transition from HDR to early career academia and industry”

Commencing 12pm AEST – running for 60mins

We all wonder about the ‘what next’ when it comes to our post-PhD careers, and how to get there.

Find out how early career academics Dan, Jane and Maria and data analyst Rebecca navigated their transition from HDR to academia and industry.

In this moderated online panel session, we’ll hear from each of them, and have time for discussion.


  • Dr Dan Henning Langerud, Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington. 
  • Dr Jane Gifkins & Dr Maria Khan, Research Fellows, Centre for Work, Organisation & Wellbeing, Griffith University.
  • Dr Rebecca Cozens | Data Analyst | QLD Police Service.

Dan Henning Langerud began his academic journey with an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences from Norway, followed by a Masters in HRM with Honours from Griffith University. Alongside his postgraduate studies, he gained valuable experience undertaking research assistant and service work. This paved the way for PhD research which he completed in 2022 during which he honed his teaching skills through guest lecturing and tutoring undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Post-PhD, he transitioned into a role as Lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington where he coordinates three courses – Future of Work, Leading Innovation and Applied HRM – and serves as the Postgraduate Director for the School of Management and as a Section Editor for the journal Stress & Health. His diverse experience in research, teaching and academic administration enriched his journey and paved the way to become a well-rounded academic professional.

Jane Gifkins has worked as a laboratory technician for most of her working life – and in various roles and contexts including hospital, research, pathology and teaching laboratories. In the last two decades, Jane worked as a senior university staff member where many HR roles were devolved to her such as staff management and performance and selection and recruitment. To improve her KSAs in this area, Jane completed a Masters in HRM. A lifelong learner, Jane continued her studies, completing an Honours thesis followed by a PhD. Both of these studies were set in the context of shift work, which enabled her to apply her personal experiences. Today, Jane is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing at Griffith University.

Maria Khan is a postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing (WOW) and her work focuses on fostering inclusivity in workplaces. Drawing from her background in employee voice and technology, she is working with the Griffith Inclusive Futures Beacon to explore how best to create workplaces that champion the dignity and active participation of employees with disabilities. Prior to starting her PhD journey at Griffith University in 2019, she worked as a Senior Lecturer (teaching focused) at NUST Business School (NBS) in Pakistan. She also conducted corporate training and was the Director of the Local Quality Enhancement Cell for NBS. Her time in tertiary education allowed her to understand the importance of continuous improvement which motivated her to pursue a doctoral degree. Her professional journey reflects her passion towards learning and development and enhancing employee work experiences.

Rebecca Cozens is a Data Analyst at the Queensland Police Service. She is responsible for generating quantitative and qualitative insights to help senior leaders better understand and enhance employee engagement and wellbeing across the service. In August 2023, Rebecca earned her PhD from the Griffith Business School where her research focused on the impact of global experiences on career development. Prior to her PhD, Rebecca worked in the higher education sector for 10 years and developed a passion for evidence-based decision-making. Her current work allows her to fulfil this passion by combining her practitioner background and research skills to solve industry challenges. Rebecca is also an Adjunct Member of Griffith University’s Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing.

8th May 2024“Navigating the transition to industry to academia” (Part 2)

Commencing at 12pm AEST – running for 60mins

Dr Ellie Meissner, independent scholar

Associate Professor Katrina Radford, Griffith University


17th July 2024“How to Publish”

Commencing at 12pm AEST – running for 60mins

Dr Esme Franken, Edith Cowan University

Professor Patrick Dunlop, Curtin University


20th August 2024 “Building on research in the classroom: Developing your impact as a management educator through scholarly journal publication”

Commencing at 2pm – running for 60mins

Dr Stuart Middleton, The University of Queensland 
Professor Todd Bridgman, Victoria University of Wellington and 

Professor Paul Hibbert, Warwick Business School, UK


2nd October 2024“How to get a grant: Tips for early career academics and HDRs”

Commencing at 12pm AEST – running for 60mins

Dr Esme Franken, Edith Cowan University

Dr Searat Ali , University of Wollongong


7th November 2024“Bibliometric Analysis and Hybrid Reviews”

Commencing at 12pm AEDT – running for 60mins

Dr Vanita Yadav is a Senior Research Fellow/ Senior Lecturer at Western Sydney University

Workshop Aim

The presentation is offered at an introductory level and will help participants to:

  • Develop an understanding of what is a Bibliometric Review and how it can be extended to augment Hybrid Literature Reviews.
  • Develop an understanding of the benefits and growing challenges of using Bibliometric Analysis in research.
  • Learn how to conduct Bibliometric Analysis using the Web of Science database and VOSViewer software through a Guided demonstration.
  • Gain an overview of how to report research results visually in academic outlets like journals and practice/policy outlets like reports and presentations.


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