ANZAM PD Session 23/5/23 – Curriculum Co-Design with Industry and Students

Curriculum Co-Design with Industry and Students

Co-design of curriculum from a pedagogical perspective helps to build authenticity into the curricula and support students with real life experiences of the working world. This is important to ensure students have industry relevant skills and knowledge to hit the ground running once employed. This webinar will present the model created and adopted to navigate industry co-design with industry experienced professionals and the Recruitment, Consulting, Selection Association (RCSA), for a suite of Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Courses. Students were also a critical contributor to triangulate the co-design. From inception to delivery, course and unit design will be explored, examining the principles adopted, the successes and the challenges for all parties, providing participants with some insights which may help to inform their teaching practice. 

Dr Justine Ferrer, Director of Teaching, Deakin Business School
Ms. Rachael Sinanan, Student, Deakin University
Mr Ross Clennent, High Performance Recruitment Coach