ANZAM PD Session 27/10/22 – To be or not to be social: Social media for academics

To be or not to be social: Social media for academics is an online, interactive workshop that delves into the use of social media, specifically, LinkedIn and Twitter, for personal, professional academic staff brand building. At the conclusion of the course, participants will have developed an understanding on how to leverage social media for personal Academic brand development. Participants will learn about the importance of having a personal brand building strategy that aligns with both personal and organisational development and branding opportunities. Personal brand building opportunities primarily on LinkedIn and also on Twitter will be discussed. Through an evaluation of extant social media content, participants will be guided to scrutinize for effectiveness, impact and engagement. Practical advice about tactics for building a personal and organisational brand will be discussed. Participants will be supported through the (re)building of their LinkedIn profile, followed by the preparation and publishing of a post relevant to their current position.

Dr Violetta Wilk, Edith Cowan University