ANZAM Associate PD Session 8/11/22

“Grounded approaches to creating and demonstrating (PhD) research impact – Impact Mapping in theory and practice”

The Yunus Centre is committed to accelerating transitions to regenerative and distributive futures through systems innovation. We have a laser-like focus on working in ways and on projects that we believe will create positive impacts in the direction of our ambitious goal. We are experimenting with a range of tools and ways of working to help us maintain this focus on impact towards our directional goal     in all our research, teaching and engagement work. In this session we’ll introduce one of these tools – Impact Mapping – and explore its application to PhD research and impact. We’re keen to hear from you too about your PhD impact priorities so come along ready to engage!

Cathy Boorman, Celeste Alcaraz and Rena Frohman – The Yunus Centre, Griffith University