29th Annual AAPAE Conference

29th Annual AAPAE Conference

6 – 9 September 2022

Ethics in Management: Business and the Professions

“Management and leadership roles across business and the professions present us with a wide range of ethical issues and questions. These are apparent and pressing to those of us who are in such roles, those who aspire to be, and those who are subject to the decisions and actions of leaders and managers. The effects of managerial and leadership decisions on our daily life are unavoidable and wide ranging, never more so than in times of flux and crisis.  As well as the specific ethical challenges and consequences arising from management and leadership, there are numerous more general questions, such as: Are management and leadership ethically special in some way? Does being in a management or leadership role present ethical challenges that are substantially different from other roles, or is it just that the impacts of leaders’ and managers’ decisions are greater? Is ethics for leaders and managers the same as for the other people? Are the ethical challenges for managers analogous to those for the professions generally? How might ethical theories best guide decisions made by managers and other professionals?

The AAPAE conference 2022 will focus on these questions. Papers that explore the AAPAE’s area of interest in general are also, as always, very welcome.”