The ANZAM Project Organising Special Interest Group (SIG) was formed in March 2015 to provide a supportive forum to explore project organising issues. The emergent research is being conducted in complex and integrated systems, and much of it with a social science orientation. The current research areas provide a deeper understanding of project-based management, yet organizing and people-related issues remain under-researched. Organising and managing by projects in now so common in organisations that 30% of the global economy is project based (Anbari, Bredillet, & Turner 2008) and project management is the new general management (Gareis 2005). According to Turner (2009) project management is a necessary skill for all managers, and the prevalence of ‘temporary organizations’ has grown (Lundin and Söderholm, 1995; Turner and Müller, 2003; Bredin and Söderlund, 2011).

The ANZAM Project Organising SIG has three main objectives, which are:

  • To provide an interactive and collaborative platform for Australian, New Zealand and international scholars and doctoral students who have a specific interest in research into project based management and its implications for organising work.
  • To explore research agendas which will result in high quality papers for ANZAM Conferences, Workshops and Streams, and journal articles for the JMO, and other project management journals.
  • To increase participation in ANZAM events and membership by attracting new members who are active and interested in project management research and teaching.

These objectives will be met by:

  • One ‘themed’ workshop per annum at the ANZAM Conference each year, based on the submission of members’ ideas, focusing on a topic of interest to a significant number of members, exploring research questions, methods, findings, and implications for practice and policy.
  • One workshop per annum at the ANZAM Conference each year, with guest speakers combined with opportunities for networking.
  • Initiating a discussion about the development of a Conference track for Project Organising in the future.

The ANZAM Project Organising SIG welcomes all scholars, students, and practitioners with an interest and affiliations in the project management community to network, collaborate, participate and contribute to our conversation. As the ANZAM Project Organising SIG evolves, members’ preferences, aspirations, and ideas will shape and reform the nature and scope of the group’s activities and contributions. The inaugural meeting of the ANZAM Project Organising SIG will be held during a symposium at the 2015 ANZAM Conference in Queenstown, New Zealand, from 2 to 4 December 2015.


Dr Erica French
QUT Business School
Queensland University of Technology