In late 2002, the ANZAM Executive created the ANZAM Research Fellow faculty as another ANZAM initiative to promote scholarship and research in business and management studies.  In 2016, their name was changed to Research Mentor.

ANZAM Research Mentors are all ANZAM members with distinguished research background. They are appointed by the ANZAM Board for three years and are eligible for re-appointment for another three years. The primary role of the ANZAM Research Mentors is to mentor current ANZAM members who are early career researchers, especially PhD students, in developing their career and research profile. In addition to their involvement in Doctoral Workshops which are held annually in conjunction with the ANZAM Conference and sometimes mid-year as well, the Research Mentors will also, throughout the year, provide mentoring and advice to students/researchers on research matters, preparation of grant applications as well as career and priorities through email, telephone and face-to-face contacts. ANZAM Research Mentors are not meant to replace, but rather to complement, the role of the formal supervisor within the student’s/researcher’s own institution.

The current ANZAM Research Mentors, their short CVs and contact emails are produced below. ANZAM members interested in consulting one of our Research Mentors are encouraged to email them directly.


New Zealand



List of Research Mentors – Past and Present