ANZAM 2022 Doctoral workshop – Speaker’s Presentations

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ANZAM 2022 Doctoral Workshop Speaker’s Presentations


ANZAM would like to thank all of the speaker’s for the 2022 ANZAM Doctoral workshop and for allowing us to share your presentations.

Special thanks to Victoria Lister, 2022 Doctoral Representative.



  • Emertius Professor Anneke Fitzgerald

How do Examiners Assess a Thesis?

  • Professor Rowena Barrett

Empowering individuals on their entrepreneurial journey through programs, events and mentoring

  • Jenny Longrigg

Networking with Confidence

  • Dr Marissa Edwards

Unhelpful Thinking Styles – Resource 1 of 3

Challenging unhelpful thinking styles – Resource 2 of 3

Additional resources – Resource 3 of 3

  • Edwin Trevor-Roberts, PhD

Crafting a research career beyond academia

  • Professor Jorgen Sandberg

Generating more impactful research through problematization

  • Professor Yvonne Brunetto

Collaborating for academic success: co-authorship and research networks

  • Professor Herman Tse

Publishing Impactful Review Articles in Top-tier Journals: Tips and Strategies

  • Professor Jarrod Haar

Tips on Conducting Survey Research

  • Professor Peter Jordan

Slicing and Dicing your PhD : The master chef Guide to publishing from your PhD

  • Nick McGuigan

Designing for Impactful, Purpose- Driven Academic Careers in Business