ANZAM 2021 Doctoral Workshop


Our registration for the Doctoral Workshop is now live, with the exciting offer of free registration for ANZAM members. Our activity-packed online event will feature a keynote, workshops and a personalised feedback about your research.

Should you decide to receive a customised feedback about your work-in-process research notes, start your preparation according to submission guidelines. Submissions of those research notes will be opening in September 2021 and you’ll get duly notified. To see the full details and updates of the Doctoral Workshop.

If you have not yet registered in the doctoral workshop, register now. If you are not yet a member of ANZAM or your membership has expired, you can register or renew your membership on the ANZAM website.

Do reach out to me should you have any enquiry, idea or feedback. I’m one email away from you

For more information, visit the website via the link below.

Mohammed Khaiata, Doctoral Student Representative, ANZAM Board of Directors