1st Annual National HDR & ECR Symposium

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Call for Papers: 1st Annual National HDR & ECR Symposium on
Economic Development and Self-Determination for Indigenous Australia

This event is jointly organized by the Griffith Business School, the Centre for
Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (ANU), and the Asia College of Business & Law (CDU).
The purpose of this symposium is to gather HDRs and ECRs across Australia working on
Indigenous issues from a broad field of disciplines to present their work, receive graduate training
in research methodology and hear from keynote speakers (TBC) discussing key policy issues
facing Indigenous Australians.

Relevant field include (but are not limited to): Indigenous Studies, Economics, Public Policy,
Indigenous Business, Education and Health. The event for will also be used to highlight Career
pathways in Research.

Call for papers deadline: 16th September, 2022