Call for Papers: Human Resource Management on the Frontlines

Call for Papers: Human Resource Management on the Frontlines: Confronting the Challenges of Service Work Transformation

Guest editors:

Mahesh Subramony, Professor of Management at Northern Illinois University, e: David G. Collings, Professor of Sustainable Business at Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin, e:

Brian Harney, Professor of Strategy and HRM, Dublin City University Business School, Dublin City University, e:

Rebecca (Bex) Hewett, Associate Professor in the Department of Organisation and Personnel Management of Rotterdam School of Management, e:

Helena Nguyen, Associate Professor in Work and Organisational Studies at the University of Sydney Business School, e:

Rationale and Objectives:

This special issue seeks to extend knowledge on the management of workers who occupy frontline roles. We live in a service-dominant global economy where almost three-quarters of the workforce in industrialized nations are employed in frontline service roles requiring the delivery of services, rather than the production of tangible goods (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, 2016; Buckley & Majumdar, 2018). For instance, in the US, six of the top ten occupational groups are composed of frontline workers employed in industries such as retail (17%), healthcare and social assistance (16%), leisure and hospitality (11%), professional services, and education, among others (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021). A further 10% of the labor force in the US consists of workers who directly serve customers by performing gig work mediated by temporary help firms and online platforms (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018; Duggan et al., 2023). What is common for workers across these varied categories is a focus on delivering intangible, perishable, and heterogenous (highly variable in content and quality) services to customers, often with significant levels of interpersonal interaction and coproduction with external stakeholders (Lovelock, 1983; Lovelock & Gummesson, 2004).



Call for Papers Reminder and Information Sessions

This is a reminder to submit your best work between February 1 – 20, 2024 to the Human Resource Management special issue on ‘Human Resource Management on the Frontlines: Confronting the Challenges of Service Work Transformation’. We will conduct two information sessions on Zoom to provide an overview of the call, as well as answer any questions that interested scholars might have from the guest editor team. Please sign up at one of the following links: 

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