Workshop – ANZAM Conference 5-7 December 2023

Developing your impact as a management educator through scholarly journal publication – workshop at the 2023 ANZAM conference, December 5-7

If you are attending the ANZAM conference, we invite you to join editors from Academy of Management Learning & Education, the Journal of Management Education, Management Learning and the British Journal of Management to:

  • Learn about the main journals in the management education space.
  • Understand how to target the right outlet for their scholarly writing and education research projects.
  • Be informed about the specific criteria for publications to succeed at key outlets.
  • Get one-to-one advice on paper ideas and work-in-progress.

A key part of the workshop is the chance to submit a full paper (ANZAM conference length) or a research idea (5 pages) for in person one-to-one discussion with an editor, to help authors develop and target their specific project. This one-to-one feedback is optional for workshop attendees: if you wish to take advantage of it, send your management education paper or research idea (which may be your ANZAM conference paper or a different text) to Stuart Middleton ( by 23 November 2023.