ANZAM Doctoral Workshop 4th December 2023 & HDR Student networking event 26th July 2023

ANZAM Doctoral Workshop 4th December 2023 & HDR Student networking event 26th July 2023

***Emailed 22/6/23 on behalf of ANZAM’s Doctoral Representative 2023 – Alina Haider



Hi everyone,

Hope your year has been progressing well. We are almost halfway through 2023, and I thought of looping you in on some of the HDR activities that have happened so far, and the big ones planned ahead. 

  • ANZAM Doctoral Workshop 2023

You may already know the Doctoral Workshop is happening in New Zealand at Victoria University of Wellington on 04 December, Monday.

I have outlined the latest developments in the file attached here. Inside the attachment, you will see the draft program and the key dates for registration and research note submissions

Please circulate this message among your peers, particularly the newer students in your cohort as this will be very helpful for their development.

I am aware that many among us want to (re)start an industry career after graduation and so, this time I am inviting a panel of industry insiders with a doctorate to share their tips on leveraging research output and expertise for an industry career

You will notice the other sessions are targeted towards research methods, managing stakeholders, publishing papers, networking, HDR development etc. 

I want to gently encourage you to submit research notes if you are seeking personalised feedback and suggestions from expert academics – this will be especially helpful if you are in the early to mid stages of your research program. 

Also, I want to thank those colleagues who earlier took part in the focus group exercise. Your input was hugely helpful in preparing the draft program, so thank you very much!

  • HDR Student Networking (virtual event)

We recognised a need for networking among students in our previous survey, and so this year, we are organising a virtual HDR student networking event on 26 July, Wednesday

The event is open to both members and non-members of ANZAM and is free of charge. Please do share the message with colleagues as this will help them.

You can see the registration details in the second attachment.

  • HDR-Focused Professional Development

You may remember from my previous communication that the HDR professional development program is now integrated with the main PD calendar of ANZAM. While all sessions are open to students, there are 5 special HDR-focused sessions, where I have targeted some key topics of interest within our student community. 

So far, we have had 3 sessions covering topics about publishing (March), making an academic career (April), and responding to feedback (May). 

Coming up, we have 2 more sessions on social media engagement (July) and leveraging PhD for an industry career (November). 

That’s all for now. If you want to share thoughts on anything, please don’t hesitate to email me or leave a message on LinkedIn. I am hoping to see you at our upcoming events in July.

Kind regards

Alina Haider

Doctoral Representative 2023, ANZAM

PhD Candidate, Victoria University of Wellington

New Zealand