Research in HRM – Call for papers

The following special issues of Research in HRM are in press (should be in print early 2023.)

Information Age Publishing. 

1. The Plight of Stigmatized Groups in Organizations by
D. L. Stone, K. M. Lukaszewski, J. Canedo, B. Murray & J. H. Dulebohn

Topics include: Asian-Americans, Immigrants, Sexual harassment of LGBTQIA persons, challenges facing LGBTQIA persons, those with Foreign Accents, Women in the Corporate Suite, Adolescents, Individuals with Depression, challenges of being single in organizations 

2. Forgotten Minorities in Organizations by D. Stone, B. Murray, K. Lukaszewski, & J. H. Dulebohn 
Topics include: Adults with Autism, those with mild Autism, individuals with anxiety disorders, people with disabilities in self-employment, veterans, those with a criminal history, the working poor, and Native Americans in organizations. 


All articles include implications for HR practice and Directions for Future Research. 


Research in HRM has issued a call for papers on “Native American and Indigenous Persons’ Work Issues.” We welcome submissions on your indigenous employees. 

Please contact Dianna Stone at Deadline for proposals Feb 1, 2023 and final papers November 1, 2023. To our knowledge, this is the first issue on this topic so please submit your papers.