FT Responsible Business Education Awards 2023: Call for entries

“The FT is inviting students and faculty at business schools around the world to enter the 2023 Responsible Business Education Awards. Entries are open until October 28 for examples of projects by students, teachers and researchers that have had a positive societal and environmental impact. The aim is to showcase and encourage innovative approaches to challenges such as tackling climate change, increasing sustainability, and bringing about greater diversity and inclusion. There are three awards. Click on the links in each for the entry forms: Best student-led projects in partnership with external organisations that have had a societal impact over the past three years; Best business school teaching cases or pedagogical resources published in the past three years with a focus on decision-making for sustainability or climate change adaptation; Best business school academic research published in the past three years that addresses societal challenges, with evidence of positive impact on policy or practice. The strongest examples will be assessed by a panel of external and internal judges, and highlighted in a special FT report in January 2023.”