Gender Work & Organization – Call for papers

Call for Papers:
Troubling/Transforming Working Lives: Judith Butler, Gender, Work and Organization

Guest Editors:
Leanne Cutcher, University of Sydney, Australia
Moya Lloyd, University of Essex, England
Kat Riach, Glasgow University, Scotland
Melissa Tyler, University of Essex, England


2020 marked thirty years since the first publication of Judith Butler’s (1990) ground-breaking

book, Gender Trouble. The three decades since have witnessed Butler becoming one of the

most widely cited and controversial figures in contemporary feminist thinking. Love her or

loathe her, even her most vehement critics would find it hard to argue that Butler is one

of the most influential feminist thinkers of our time. Butler’s performative theory of gender

has had a considerable impact on feminist thinking (Lloyd, 2007), and on management and

organization studies. Her writing on bodies, on language, recognition, ethics, and most

recently, on vulnerability, resistance and non-violence continues to influence research,

practice and activism in work and organization studies, and in feminist thinking and politics

more widely. She ‘came along’ when the field seemed to be resolutely dominated by male

theoretical influences, perhaps most notably Foucault and Derrida, providing an ontological

and theoretical reference point that has much wider resonance for organizational scholars,

practitioners and activists.