Carework Network Virtual Symposium: ‘Moving past emergency responses: Care as essential Infrastructure’

March 1-2, 2022

Registrations are now open for this virtual symposium, which includes pre-eminent academics on carework theory, including Australia’s own Professor Gabrielle Meagher.

You can register here:

Sessions include ‘Scholars in dialogue’, organized around 3 themes:

  • Revisiting the Meaning(s) of Care (featuring Nancy Folbre, Maria Nieves Rico and Joan Tronto)
  • The Role of the State (featuring Juliana Martinez Franzoni, Gabrielle Meagher, and Fiona Williams)
  • Technological Futures of Care (featuring Ariel Ducey, Julie MacLeavy, and Allison Pugh)

In addition there are 3 interactive workshops:

  • Methodological Challenges and Opportunities (featuring Paulina López González and Tracy Anderson, Gabriela Marzonetto, and LaTonya Trotter)
  • Connecting Research to Policy (featuring Julie Kashen, Akira Rodriguez, and Anna Rosinska)
  • Publishing Care Scholarship (featuring Joya Misra, Mignon Duffy, Amy Armenia, and Kim Price-Glynn)

For more detail on the symposium itself, please visit here: