CALL FOR PAPERS – Sustainability and SMEs: opening the black box

Guest Editors:
Andrea Caputo, PhD, University of Trento & University of Lincoln,
Simone Pizzi, PhD, University of Salento,
Erica Santini, PhD, University of Trento,

Over the last decade, scholars and policy makers have put under pressure businesses to engage

firms in activities related to sustainability at large (e.g. CSR, ESG, SDGs, etc.), increasing awareness

about the need to rethink the global economic system. This paradigm shift was driven by the

increasing attention paid by civil society to emerging themes, such as climate change, social

inequality, and gender gaps (Crutzen, 2006). In this sense, policy makers integrate with their

policies both financial and non-financial aspects to move from a linear toward a more
dynamic approach to sustainable and economic development (Bebbington & Unerman, 2020).

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