At its meeting on Oct 15-16 of 2020, the General Assembly instituted 7 IFSAM awards to recognize contributions to relevant, worldwide and indigenous published research, outstanding pedagogy and service and management practice. It also decided to launch the following four for 2021 and the other three in 2022.




The International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management (IFSAM) is pleased to seek nominations for the following four 2021 Awards. Nominations, including self-nominations, comprising the relevant materials set out in each award category below should be sent to the Office of the Deputy Secretary of the Federation by November 15, 2021 at awards@ifsam.org. Nomination materials will be evaluated by individual selection committees (one for each award) established by the IFSAM General Assembly Committee on Awards. The awardees will be announced on our website and social media on late Dec 2021-early 2022. Each award recipient will receive an IFSAM Award Certificate and an honorarium of 1500 Euros in recognition of their achievement.


  • IFSAM Award for Excellence in Societally Relevant Management Scholarship
  • IFSAM Award for Excellence in Indigenous Management Scholarship
  • IFSAM Award for Excellence and Innovation in Management Pedagogy
  • IFSAM Award for Exceptional Service to the Management Field Worldwide

For more information on the awards, visit: https://www.ifsam.org/ifsam-awards/