15th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Emotions in Worklife

Dear ANZAM colleagues


The 15th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Emotions in Worklife (APSEW) will take place at UTC/GMT11:00 (AEDT 10 pm) on Tuesday, November 30, 2021.


The Symposium is sponsored by the Emotions and Cognition Interest Group of the Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM).


This year, the Symposium will take the form of a 3-hour round-table discussion.  The program is (Hours: Minutes after start, Authors, Title):

0:10″  Guan, B, Ren, S., Wood, R., & Beckmann, N.Negative but productive: Trait neuroticism,

situation contingent emotionality and performance


0:30″  Yang, F., & Wang, B. Emotional dilemma of self-sacrificial leader: The role of work pride

and home guilt in leader work engagement


0:50″  Srivastava, G., & Khanduj, H. Exploring the Incidence of Workplace Loneliness and

Consequent Emotional Exhaustion among Work from Home Employees


1:20″  Nair, B. How employees were coping during Covid-19: Differences in emotional strategies

adopted by employees working from home (WFH).


1:50″  Dickason, R., & Dumas, M., & Dumas, M. Long working hours in healthcare: What can

affects teach us about overtime?


2:10″  Kapadia , T., & Ozgan, S. To hope is to persist: Hope, risk-taking and the creative process


2:30″  Clyde, K., Grubb, L., & Cazza, A. Due to ageism? Examining the curvilinear relationship

between age and workplace deviance: a meta-analysis


If you would like to join the discussion, please e-mail me at n.ashkanasy.edu.au, and I will send you a Zoom Invitation.  (There are no fees or charges.)


Neal M. Ashkanasy OAM, PhD

Professor of Management