Human Resource Management Journal – Special Issue:  Managing Gender Equity and Equality across Borders: Research, Practice, and Evidence-based Recommendations

Given the emerging state of the field, this special issue invites papers that generate theoretical insights, empirical findings, and evidence-based recommendations on how organizations can effectively tackle the challenges arising from managing gender equity and equality in and across different country contexts. Single country studies will not be a priority for this special issue.

Although women are still the primary target of GDM and thus the main focus of our special issue, GDM has been expanded to include different gender expressions and gender identities emanating from a greater recognition of non-binary or trans-gender identities and their intersections (American Psychological Association, 2015).

Taking account of these developments and welcoming this broadening of scope, we also invite manuscripts within this expanded understanding of GDM, including studies that focus on the allied concepts of gender diversity and inclusion in context.

Full papers to be submitted between 1–30 April 2021.