International Journal of Human Resource Management – Special Issue: Human Resource Management in Times of Crisis

In view of the significant consequences that crises have for human resource management, researchers have begun to look at the HR practices adopted by organizations in times of crisis (Chu and Siu, 2001; Gunnigle et al., 2013; Kim et al., 2013; Sparrow et al., 2013; Teague and Roche, 2014; Zagelmeyer et al., 2012). However, we have witnessed limited research on how such HR practices are implemented by managers and impact on employees (Farndale et al., 2019; Lee et al., 2003; Zagelmeyer and Gollan, 2012).

We therefore call on researchers to investigate how employees respond to human resource management practices adopted by business organizations in times of crisis and how human resource practitioners support and manage employees in times of crisis, with a focus on but not limited to, innovative technology-based human resource solutions (e.g. online training interventions and virtual performance management).