International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management – Special Issue: Supply Chain Management in an Era of Reglobalization

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Impacts of technological advancement and alternative logistical infrastructures on SC re-configuration and network re-design
  • Impact of evolving business models and trade policies on SC decisions in the era of reglobalization
  • Role of technology and logistical infrastructures in redistributing wealth and rebalancing labor concentration across SCs
  • Role of technology in facilitating SC finance, contracts, and performance management in reglobalized SCs
  • Role of technology in managing information sharing, transparency, integration, and alignment in reglobalized SCs
  • Impacts of novel technologies and alternative logistical infrastructures on SC trust, competition, cooperation, and co-opetition
  • Role of technology and alternative logistical infrastructures in causing (and managing) uncertainties in reglobalized SCs
  • Novel frameworks for digitizing and managing reglobalized SCs under government interventions