Inaugural ANZAM-BAM Collaborative Research Award – Recipients

We are delighted to announce the first recipients of the ANZAM-BAM Collaborative Research Award and to note that the applications received were so strong that ANZAM and BAM agreed to make two awards in 2019. The purpose of this Scheme is to support and advance international research collaborations between management researchers in Australia, New Zealand and UK.

Professor Katy Mason, Chair of the British Academy of Management, welcomed the announcement saying, “Working with the Australian & New Zealand Academy of Management to offer new opportunities to our members in a globalised research environment is something that has been very important to us in the British Academy of Management, as collaboration is one of our core values. It was very pleasing to see a wide range of submissions of a high quality, confirming the desire of scholars within our communities to work in collaboration across the globe. I am also very grateful to all those who gave time and attention to ensure a strong review process.”

ANZAM President, Professor Melanie Bryant, endorsed Professor Mason’s remarks, adding, “ANZAM is very excited about the collaboration with BAM, which only enhances the very strong and collegial ties we already have. We are delighted at the number and quality of applications in this inaugural year, and congratulate the winners. We also extend our gratitude to the reviewers from both academies for their time and commitment. We hope that the success of this collaboration will continue into the future and lead to increased international research opportunities for members of both ANZAM and BAM”.

The research findings will be presented to BAM and ANZAM Conferences in due course.

The inaugural ANZAM-BAM Collaborative Research Awards are given to:

1.  Amanda Jasmine Williamson (PI), Lecturer in Innovation and Strategy, Waikato Management School, the University of Waikato (NZ) and Martina Battisti, Professor of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Portsmouth Business School, University of Portsmouth (UK).

For a project using news media analysis and machine learning, to explore how public sentiments towards entrepreneurship have changed since 2000 and how those changes differ between five English-speaking countries – the US, Canada, UK, NZ and Australia. The resulting time-series data is then employed to predict within and between-country differences in entrepreneurial activity. By leveraging advances in artificial intelligence and big data, the comparative time-series analysis will provide a more nuanced and in-depth understanding of the role of public perception on entrepreneurial activity in the short as well the long-term.

2.  Behzad Hezarkhani (PI), Senior Lecturer in Operations Management, Brunel University London (UK); Afshin Mansouri, Professor of Operations & Supply Chain Management, Brunel University London (UK), and Sean Asian, Senior Lecturer in Management, Sport & Tourism at La Trobe University (AU).

For a project to explore potential innovative supply chain solutions and identify opportunities for collaboration among groups of Australian agribusiness producers and UK buyers, with special focus on SMEs and new entrant firms, while incorporating the effects of current political and economic trends, e.g., Brexit.

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