PDW: Investigating Affect in Organizational Interpersonal Relationships – 2019 AOM

We invite you to submit paper proposals with a view to participating in a professional development workshop (PDW) on “Investigating affect in organizational interpersonal relationships,” which we will be hosting at the 79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Boston, Massachusetts.

Aims and Scope

Our aim in this PDW is to bring together interested scholars to consider the latest thinking and evidence regarding the dynamic nature of affect; and how it shapes different forms of interpersonal relationships in organizations. We are targeting in particular members of the OB and other-related Academy divisions, as well as members of the Leadership Network. 

Special Issue

A further aim of the PDW is to generate interest in submitting manuscripts for publication in the forthcoming Special Issue of the Journal of Organizational Behavior on “Affect in Organizational Interpersonal Exchange Processes”. (The deadline for submissions to the Special Issue is 30 November 2019).