Call for Business Research Methods Cases – Sage Publications

Kasia Figiel, a commissioning editor for SAGE Research Methods Cases, is currently commissioning a new collection of research methods case studies in the field of Business & Management.
SAGE Research Methods Cases are quite different from SAGE Business Cases, as the focus in these is very much on the methodology utilised in a particular research study.

These pieces are about one’s experiences in doing research – the highs and lows, the challenges and benefits of particular research approaches, and the reasons for choosing one methodological approach over another. They are pedagogical resources to inspire and guide students and early career academics as they plot their own research journeys.

The collection in Business and Management, due to launch in early 2019, will include over 200 cases and cover research methods in areas such as Entrepreneurship, Accounting and Finance, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Marketing, Operations Management, Organization Studies, Strategic Management and more.

Range of Deadline Dates from 15 June-13 July 2018