Irish Journal of Management – Special Issue: Responsible Research in Management

This special issue of IJM calls for papers that demonstrate the scholarly output of responsible science in management. For the purpose of this call we define responsible science as managerially relevant research producing credible and reliable knowledge that is either of direct or indirectly useful for addressing problems important to organisations and society. Philosophical considerations in management research have typically concentrated on the nature of knowledge (ontology) and the means of accessing knowledge (epistemology), the necessary, but not sufficient conditions for socially responsible research. Our quest for research that is useful for stakeholders moves beyond the necessary conditions and ask scholars to make judgments of value (axiology) and ethics. In doing so we challenge researchers to reconsider ideals of value-free (Tsui, 2016) research and engage with discussions of usefulness using a transparent examination of the values at play rather than seek to minimise or ignore them. To achieve this goal, research should engage with its context. We particularly encourage research that demonstrates rich engagement with context as a means of producing useful knowledge, rather than seeing context as a pollutant of the research process (Galavan, et al 2015).