National Excellence in Educational Leadership Initiative (NEELI) – Scholarships

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$3,500 Scholarships are available to assist University staff to participate in the Australian Higher Education Sector Leadership Colloquium.

The Australian Higher Education Sector Leadership Colloquium is a collaboration orientated development program focusing on the critical dimensions of effective leadership and interpersonal communication. The program equips participants with the insights, skills and confidence to accelerate their own development as they simultaneously strengthen the performance of their teams and their organisations. The Colloquium stands at the very forefront of integrated digital learning technology and marries the very best of connected dialogic learning with easy to use and highly accessible online environments. Delivered over an extended ten-month period to ensure minimal disruption to participant’s workload, the program combines the very best leadership pedagogy from the corporate sector with an informed understanding of the contemporary higher education environment.

For more information, including how to apply, click HERE.