Vale Sir Paul Callaghan

The Board and members of ANZAM wish to acknowledge the passing of Sir Paul Callaghan, Professor of Physical Sciences at Victoria University of Wellington and 2011 New Zealander of the Year, who died this week of bowel cancer. Sir Paul was one of the world’s top scientists, an inspirational leader in the field of magnetic resonance, an entrepreneur who created an innovative high-tech company, and an outstanding communicator on science and society. He was a man of action who really enjoyed engaging and challenging others to make New Zealand a great place to live and work.

In his riveting keynote address at the 25th ANZAM Conference held in Wellington in December 2011, Sir Paul shared some of his ideas on the interconnections between science, business and the economy.  We were privileged to have this opportunity to hear him speak as he was in great demand.  Although battling cancer, he remained an impressive public figure, continuing to deliver inspirational presentations for a wide range of organisations and events including ours. We are thankful for his courage and the wisdom he shared.

We offer sincere condolences to Sir Paul’s family, friends and colleagues at this sad time.

On behalf of the ANZAM community,

Professor Charmine Härtel
ANZAM President 2012