IACMR Presidential Award for Responsible Research in Management


This award is to recognize research that exemplifies the seven principles of Responsible Research in Business and Management (RRBM). Responsible research is defined as studies that produce both credible and useful knowledge. Credibility refers to the reliability and validity or trustworthiness of the findings, in either inductive or deductive work, using either qualitative or quantitative data, or both. Usefulness refers… Continue Reading.

Defence Science and Technology Group and Curtin University Scholarship


In collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Group, Curtin Business School is providing a scholarship with stipend to sponsor a PhD on one of the two topics listed below: Broadening approaches to risk management within the Defence arena, or Exploring distinctive competences for future capabilities for Army

National Excellence in Educational Leadership Initiative (NEELI) – Scholarships

No deadline

$3,500 Scholarships are available to assist University staff to participate in the Australian Higher Education Sector Leadership Colloquium. The Australian Higher Education Sector Leadership Colloquium is a collaboration orientated development program focusing on the critical dimensions of effective leadership and interpersonal communication. The program equips participants with the insights, skills and confidence to accelerate their own development as they simultaneously… Continue Reading.