Business Academic Research Directors Network (BARDsNET) is jointly sponsored by the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) and the Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM).

Business faculties and schools, like the universities in which they are located, are facing a turbulent period around research funding performance, research training places, research commercialization and a range of research-related issues. BARDsNET, exists in this environment:

  • to provide a learning platform for the people who have line responsibility for administering research in business faculties and schools
  • to enhance the research capacities of business faculties and schools through identifying and implementing new strategies and ideas
  • to act, where appropriate, to influence research policy in order to enhance research infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand
  • to identify collaborative ways of working together as business academic research directors across Australia and New Zealand

BARDsNET membership comprises business, commerce School/Faculty research directors/deans, Associate Deans (Research), sub-deans of research, in Australia and New Zealand. Australian nominations endorsed through the relevant Business Dean’s Office and co-ordinated by the ABDC Secretariat. New Zealand nominations coordinated through ANZAM Executive. From time to time BARDsNET may co-opt members for short periods to assist with specific tasks, as required. BARDsNET to inform ABDC & ANZAM Presidents about co-opted members.

There are two BARDsNET meetings held each year, normally in April and September/October. The agenda includes panel presentations on relevant research topics, followed by small group discussions with report back, and general discussions. Opportunities are also provided for sharing of issues, experiences and networking.

The President of BARDsNET is Professor Kim Langfield-Smith, Monash University, Email: