ACSCOS/SCOS Conference – Meiji University, Tokyo: 17-20 August 2018

Wabi-sabi (侘寂): Imperfection, incompleteness and impermanence in organizational life

For the first time the annual SCOS* conference will be combined with the ACSCOS** conference which was last held in Sydney in 2015. There is also another first, that SCOS has never before been held in an Asian/Pacific country. Pursuing these new dimensions to SCOS will ensure that it is a memorable experience. As part of this the local hosts at Meiji University have arranged numerous activities that we can participate in which will help all delegates directly experience wabi-sabi during the conference.

* SCOS – Standing Conference on Organisational Symbolism

** ACSCOS – Australasian Caucus of Standing Conference on Organisational Symbolism ()


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